For all users of the Newcastle Meditation Centre

Please do not adjust the boiler timer settings. If you over-ride the settings, please reset to ‘auto’ before leaving.

To be turned off before leaving the building (please check the toilets).

Please lock doors as appropriate when leaving, and return keys (if applicable).

All mugs, glasses etc., to be washed and returned to cupboard after use. Kitchen to be left clean and tidy.

If you re-arrange any furniture, please put everything back as you found it, before leaving. Please show respect and due care for all the facilities. Please report any breakages or damage.

If your activity is likely to generate large amounts of rubbish e.g. bottles, paper cups and plates etc., please could you take it with you.

If hiring the Centre, payment is to be made in advance, unless agreed otherwise.

If hiring the Centre, payment is expected unless a minimum of 7 days’ notice is given.

All users should have appropriate Public Liability Insurance for their events and activities, where applicable, and must show a copy of their Insurance Certificate to us if required.

All users must adhere to the Centre’s safeguarding policy and, if working with children and/or vulnerable adults, must provide us with a copy of their safeguarding policy and evidence of recruiting staff and volunteers safely including where appropriate compliance with DBS vetting procedures.